Tutuba wa Kananga wa Rwanyanya wa Gahindiro 1890-1963

 Was a remarkable Tutsi elder and member of the Rwandan royal circle. He was of a Nyiginya-Hindiro caste of the Tutsi ruling sect and the great-grandson of Rwandan King, Yuhi IV Gahindiro  (1746–1802). His Christian name was Benjamin. He was a son of Kananga  (a sous-chef of kibanda-Gifumba kumunini in Marangara-Gitarama), who was Son of Rwanyanya son of Yuhi IV Gahindiro son of Mibambwe III Mutabazi Sentabyo(1741–1746) son of Kigeli III Ndabarasa . His younger brothers were Kanyemera and Ntundabusheke. He was a “mutware” chief of Marangara province stationed at Ngoma during the reigns of Yuhi V Musinga and Mutara III around the late 1920s to 1930s, but later left the mandate and went to live in Uganda as a result of conflicting changes in the local administrative policies introduced then by the presence of Belgian governors. He was happily received by King Gasyonga II of the Kingdom of Ankole upon his arrival in Uganda.The King offered him over 40 miles of land in Kibaale region as an expression of fresh diplomatic acquaintance and new friendship. He was appointed as the first ever official representative of the kingdom of Rwanda to the kingdom of Ankole upon mutual agreement of both great kings of the two domains in the late  1930s to early 1940s. He maintained the role but later sought permanent residency in Ankole following drastic political upheavals that besieged the realm of Rwanda under  King Mutara III Rudahigwa after the banishment to the Congo by the Belgians and eventual death of King Yuhi V and therefore relocated his over 400 heads  of cows together with his fifth wife  Mukankuranga  (1928-2004) from Rwanda to kibaale. Mukankuranga was a daughter of Gakeri, a chief from the Nana clan.

Tutuba was described as highly venerated. A man of great courage, energy, charisma, wisdom and conviction by people of his time.

He was a leader, a diplomat, a herdsman, a warrior, an adventurer, a Father and a hunter. He is said to have once defeated a Leopard single-handedly at Ngoma as it attacked his cattle. He died of cancer in 1963.

Tutuba bya Kananga 1890-1963

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Children of Tutuba wa Kananga



3.Eurad Rudahunga (Monsignor)


5.Nkusi Donat

6.Kananura .

7.Rudaseswa Charles

8.Kicaye  Mazimpaka.Theophelus

9.Kijoma Ndabarasa

10.Nyirambona Beatrace karengera

11.Mutabazi Muhumuza Alexis

12.Byenjeri Anet Lisa

13.Hope Semukanya Leonard

Children of Mucyo

I. Pasikaziya

Children of Rudasingwa




Children of Rwagitare

I. Rwagitare Umulinga Vestine

II.Rwagitare Nduwawe Denise

III.Rwagitare Uwineza Josine

Children of Nkusi Donat


II.Nkusi J.M




Children of  Kananura

I.Kananura Vared

II.Kananura Mari Bonne

Children of Rudaseswa Charles

I.Umuringa Mwiza


 children of Rubagumya
1.Zhandikwe K.

III.Batamuriza Winny

IV.Nkusi Jr.Rudaseswa

V.Kanyana Caroline

VI.Rudasingwa Benjamin

VII.Ingabire Catherine.

Children of Nyirambona.B.Karengera

I. Karengera Gloria

II. Gasore Aimable

III. Tesire Grace

IV. Nsoro .A.


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